Render Plus Software - 2019 Version Release

IRender nXt, 3D Design Studio and ArielVision 2019 - New and Updated Features for SketchUp Rendering

Render Plus Software announces the release of the 2019 versions of IRender nXt, 3D Design Studio and ArielVision SketchUp extensions

IRender nXt, 3D Design Studio and ArielVision are powerful plugin's for rendering high-resolution images inside SketchUp. IRender nXt is fully-integrated with SketchUp materials, lighting, and components for complete control of interior, exterior, daytime or night-time scenes.

Our extensions make it easier for designers to build render-ready SketchUp models and quickly and easily fine-tune render settings by providing light sources, reflective properties, translucency, refraction and other rendering features.

Our 2019 versions focused on improving the rendering workflow and enabling remote rendering on the Cloud making it even easier for you to quickly generate high quality renderings that are sure to impress your clients!

General Enhancements

  • Support for SketchUp 2019

Improved Animation Interface

  • Redesigned the Animations dialog making it easier to create animations (IRender nXt, 3D Design)

Animation Save File Types

  • Added MP4, OVG and WEBM files types for saving animations (IRender nXt, 3D Design)

New Cloud Rendering Service

Light Balancer Controls on Rendering Dialog

  • The Light Balancer controls are now also accessible in the rendering dialog (IRender nXt, 3D Design, ArielVision)

Grass/Carpet Maker

  • We've made it much easier to create and apply grass or carpet with the new Grass/Carpet Maker Wizard (IRender nXt, 3D Design)

Improved Lamp Edit/Query

  • The Lamp Edit/Query dialog has been improved to make it easier for you to edit lamp parameters (IRender nXt, 3D Design, ArielVision)

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