SketchUp 2020

SketchUp 2020 was released January 29th, 2020.  See a brief overview of these features below and links to independent reviews and forum feedback!

The 2020 Render Plus Software extensions (IRender nXt, 3D Design Studio, ArielVision, Allura, and other ) are compatible with SketchUp 2020 and prior versions.

SketchUp Rendering Extensions

IRender nXt 2020 | ArielVision 2020 | Allura 2020
Download a free 30-Day trial of IRender nXt for SketchUp Renderings
What’s New in Render Plus Software 2020 Versions?

Render Plus 2020 version SketchUp extensions include new features, bug fixes, and system improvements, including:

    • Support for SketchUp 2020 – Compatibility with SketchUp’s new release (IRender nXt, 3D Design Studio, ArielVision, Allura)
    • Renderable Rich Text – We’ve made it simple to create and place renderable text – with a transparent background if needed! (3D Design Studio)
    • Material selection improvements – We’ve made it simple to select and use your own materials within our extensions! (IRender nXt, 3D Design Studio, ArielVision, Allura)
    • New image set presets for Social Media (and more!) posting – We’ve extended our image size presets making it easier for you to quickly select and render from a list that includes many social media sizes. And we’ve added the ability for you to customize and save your own settings! (IRender nXt, 3D Design Studio, ArielVision, Allura)
    • Depth of Field function – Allura Plus now includes the ability to set Focal Distance and Depth of Field. (Allura Plus)
    • Setup Options dialog improvements – Now includes an “Overall Brightness” adjuster via the Preset tab (IRender nXt, 3D Design Studio, ArielVision, Allura)
    • HDRi Sky + Background improvements – You can change the HDRi image used for the HDRi Preset, and there is now an option to start rendering when in the the HDRi tab. (IRender nXt, 3D Design Studio, ArielVision, Allura)
    • New Canned Light Creator – A quick and easy way for you to create and place Canned Lights in your rooms! (IRender nXt, 3D Design, ArielVision, Allura)
    • New DPI feature – Enables you to manually set the DPI (dots per inch) at which you render an image. (IRender nXt, 3D Design Studio, ArielVision)
    • New Extraction Log File feature – If a rendering stops part way through, or is taking an extraordinary amount of time to resolve, the new “Write extraction instances to log file” option could help you identify why. (IRender nXt, 3D Design Studio).


Render Plus License Status – How to determine if you need to renew

Active license holders (perpetual purchased or renewed in or after February 2019 or subscription licenses) of IRender nXt, 3D Design Studio, ArielVision, or Allura can immediately download and install the SketchUp 2020 compatible version.  Licenses purchased prior to February 2019 (check your license status) will need to be renewed for SketchUp 2020 compatibility.

Download a free 30-Day trial of IRender nXt for SketchUp RenderingsWhat’s New in SketchUp 2020?

Here’s our quick rundown of what’s new in SketchUp 2020 – for full insight into the release connect to SketchUp’s release blog

    • Hiding objects has been decoupled from hiding geometry.
    • An easier way to move objects. When you grab a point in an object that is obscured and start to move it, the object automatically go transparent as soon as something in your model interferes with the object you are moving
    • You no longer have to create Layers upon Layers. You can do your main model organization straight within Outliner.
    • Custom viewports in LayOut
    • Improved interaction between SketchUp and LayOut
    • Name change 1: Layers = Tags
    • Name change 2: Objects = Groups and Components. Objects is now a collective term for groups, components, and dynamic components.

SketchUp 2020 Reviews and Resources

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