Download and use IRender nXt for SketchUP, it's absolutely FREE for 30 days!


An IRender nXt trial is unrestricted:

  • We don't add watermarks to your renderings
  • We don't restrict the number of renderings you generate
  • We don't restrict the rendering size, please render at any resolution
  • Best of all! There is no obligation to purchase IRender nXt when the trial ends

IRender nXt Sketch Up Rendering Plugin

  • Turn your Sketch Up models into beautiful, high-resolution architectural renderings
  • Add interior and exterior lighting, reflections, and transparency.
  • Enhance your images with High Dynamic Range images (HDRi) skies and backgrounds
  • Rendering with IRender nXt is even easier than model building with Sketch Up

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Download Desired

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  • IRender nXt is compatible with 32- or 64-bit Windows operating systems.
  • Use this download for a 30-day free trial or to update your existing IRender nXt software
  • During installation, select or browse to your current version of SketchUp.
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