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IRender nXt for SketchUp (Windows only)
Mid-priced, full featured integrated renderer for SketchUp.

If you are looking for the old nXtRender Lite for SketchUp, it has been replaced by ArielVision for SketchUp.

IRender nXt - Version: QI11 Forum --- Information
3D Design Studio - Version: QI19 Forum --- Information
IRender nXt Libraries - Version: PI21 Forum --- Information
ArielVision for SketchUp (Windows only)
Low cost, high quality, easy to use renderer for SketchUp.
ArielVision - Version: QI11 Forum --- Information
AccuRender nXt for Revit (Windows only)
Works with Revit 2009 through 2017 - 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
Click Information for more on nXtRender nXt for Revit.
nXtRender for Revit - Version: QE02 Forum --- Information
nXtRender for BricsCAD V15 (Beta) - Version: OF09 Forum --- Information
nXtRender for AutoCAD - 32 bit - Version: 0358-QF23 Forum --- Information
nXtRender for AutoCAD - 64 bit - Version: 0358-QF23 Forum --- Information
nXt for AutoCAD - old build - 32 bit - Version: 0318 Forum --- Information
nXt for AutoCAD - old build - 64 bit - Version: 0318 Forum --- Information
SketchUp Add-ons (Windows only)
SpaceDesign - Version: QF21 Forum --- Information
RpTools & NprTools - Version: QD28 Forum --- Information
RPS 3D PDF - Version: QI19 Forum --- Information
ProjectSketch - Free - Version: QF05 Forum --- Information
RpImageFilters - Free - Version: PJ28 Forum --- Information
RpTreeMaker - Free - Version: PJ27 Forum --- Information
RpWallMaker- Free for Windows - Version: PJ31 Forum --- Information
  • After Clicking a button to download, you will be prompted to download or open a .ZIP file.
  • Open the.ZIP file, and then double click on the entry which says "Click Here to Install XXX..."
  • The installation may ask you which Version of SketchUp to use. Select, or browse to the version of SketchUp which you are using.
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